Get Illuma-Drive And Get Smart About Lighting

See the next evolution of light. iLLUMA-Drive reinvents the way LED fixtures are powered and controlled by centralizing both the AC/DC power conversion external to the LED fixtures and providing smart control.

The iLLUMA-Drive Series iD1 is a highly integrated, compact 4-zone DC powered control panel for high power LED lighting applications. The iD1 offers a multitude of control protocols for control, dimming and incorporates an industry leading power control system to deliver up to 98% efficieloadnt LED output.

With independent channels, the iD1 caters to the needs of numerous DC LED Lighting applications, including commercial, industrial, residential, multi-dwelling, recreational vehicle, marine and so much more. The iD1 operates from DC input voltage to power and control between 1 & 40 LED fixtures. Utilizing easy-fit plug connectors enables the iD1 to be easily integrated into lighting and structured panel enclosures.

The iD1 series allows daisy-chaining of LED fixtures and can broadcast sequences and control to all connected iD1 units.iD1 units can operate stand alone or in a network of up to 16 units or 64 Zones of light control. Multiple networks can be created to accommodate any size of installation.

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