Recessed Lighting

New Recessed Fixture Line – Discover Recessed Lighting at it’s finest – A complete line of housings, trims and accessories.

Recessed Fixtures

If you’re interested in recessed lighting then there’s no need to look any further than the incredible products by STANDARD.

STANDARD has years of lighting expertise and they’ve taken that expertise and incorporated it into a brand new line of high quality recessed fixtures designed with ease of installation and versatile lighting options in mind, making them the perfect fixture for any space.


Recessed fixtures not only provide convenient unobtrusive general lighting for residential and commercial applications, with STANDARD’s extensive assortment of trims and housing you can create an unparalleled look. Couple that with our exceptional customer service and you have a perfect match.

We won’t stop at recessed lighting though, STANDARD also has a wide assortment of trims to suit all applications, and complement every décor. Paired with Canada’s largest selection of LED lamps, you’re bound to find the best combination of recessed lighting and trims to showcase your space.